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In recent years computer hardware has been developing at an amazing rate. But whilst much attention is given to new graphics technologies and new CPUs it seems that system enclosures are often left without much time in the limelight. However, one such case demands time in the forefront, with both its audacious aesthetics and its plethora of features, the InWin Maelstrom demands attention.

About InWin

"In Win has become a leading manufacturer of core technology in order to meet market and consumer needs and demands. Our company’s management team has laid a strong foundation in terms of eight major elements: innovation, service, speed, value, safety, warmth, faithfulness, diligence. These elements help In Win to remain a leader in the business realm and also help to differentiate us from our competition."


  • Superb Expandability

    Able to support five 5.25” & six 3.5” drive bays, the Maelstrom has a four CPU M/B compatibility ranging from Micro-ATX to Extended-ATX.
  • User Friendly Ergonomic and Mechanical Design
    Designed to provide quick maintenance and upgrade solutions, the patented shock-free railing system protects each drive bay. The retaining holes on the M/B tray offer easy CPU cooler replacement.
  • Superior Acoustic and Vibration Solutions
    The Maelstrom offers a quiet environment and silent operation for gamers via acoustic absorbers laid inside the chassis. The tough casing structure efficiently reduces the acoustic noise levels and vibrations.
  • Revolutionary High Efficiency Thermal Solution

    Ten front, side, and top 12cm fans enhance airflow while a meshed front and top panel provide superior ventilation. The Maelstrom offers an unparalleled thermal solution for any gaming system.
  • Luxurious Exterior and Interior Painting
    Fully draped in a dark metallic black, the Maelstrom offers a luxurious look with its intimidating size. The black coating on the exterior and interior of the chassis prevent damage from humidity, oxidation, and extend the lifespan of the Maelstrom.


InWin Maelstrom PC Enclosure Review