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Apple iPhone 4S – Siri and iOS5

iOS5 Operating System

Apple released iOS5 on October 12th and the iPhone 4S had it pre-installed on the handset when purchased. In total the new operating system has has over 200 new features. One feature favoured by many is the new notification system that you can access by swiping your finger from the top of the screen (as seen in the video) this places all of your notifications from twitter to emails in one easy place. They also have a new message system called iMessage where you can send free messages through 3G/WiFi to other devices using iOS 5 (even iPod Touch!).

Another cool feature is Newsstand, now you can purchase newspapers and magazines and store them for future reading. The camera can also be accessed from the lock screen and even twitter has been integrated into numerous apps making it easier to share your experiences. iOS 5 makes it easier and faster to carry out key tasks.


No iPhone 4S review would be complete without Siri, it’s the most talked about feature on the iPhone 4S. Siri is a voice recognition assistant, which allows you to command tasks by talking to your iPhone. From setting alarms, dictating text messages or even finding out how many calories there are in a Big Mac, Siri can do just about anything! Here is a video of me showing you what Siri can do.


As you can see Siri can do some pretty impressive stuff, but sometimes it may get confused with what you are saying if you have a strong accent that Siri isn’t used to. The main factor I like about Siri is that it’s more natural than other voice recognition services as it will joke with you, it doesn’t take things as seriously and it will understand you instead of making you understand it. There is one problem when using Siri outside of the US, it cannot search for businesses or your closest shop, and hopefully this will be in a software update very soon.

Apple claim that Siri can only be used on iPhone 4S due to the improved processor being needed for full Siri usage, however others have already ported Siri to iPhone 4 and claim the increased processing isn’t actually needed. But with Siri the main selling feature of the iPhone 4S, it’s clear no previous versions of the iPhone will ever feature it (unless jailbroken).

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