iStorage diskGenie 128GB SSD Review

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To conclude, the diskGenie 128gb SSD from iStorage has proven to be probably the most secure and portable drive at the present time, I doubt it is the most afforable as iStorage suggest. With the 128gb version (with AES-256 Encryption) costing £379 compared with the Kingston’s SSDNow 128gb which only costs £189, there is definitely a large difference in price. We’ll be reviewing the Kingston SSDNow drive in the next couple of days so we’ll be able to compare speeds and see whether the diskGenie SSD is actually worth the small fortune they’re asking for.

In terms of security, it is second to none. With an easy to use keypad which can hold a passcode upto 16 digits in length, the diskGenie is definitely the most secure external SSD I’ve used. The rubber casing around the SSD also provides great security and protection.

The speeds we’ve seen from the drive could be a lot better with it performing just the same as any USB 2.0 external drive. Perhaps, in the future, an eSATA version could be added.

If you don’t want to go to the absolute extreme to protect your data, iStorage also offer 128-bit encryption models which start at £129.00 for the 30GB model. Most of the 128-bit models are 10-20% cheaper.


  • Security
  • Durability/Protection


  • Price
  • USB 2.0 connectivity

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a Solid State Drive that offers the highest amount of security and protection, then the diskGenie SSD from iStorage is your best bet.
iStorage diskGenie 128GB SSD Review

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