iStorage diskGenie 320GB Encrypted Portable Hard Drive

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The iStorage diskGenie is an excellent product for users who are concerned or cautious about data security. It’s encryption method is rock solid and will surely mean data cannot be accessed by dubious thieves. Normally with products such as the Disk Genie, we’d expect some sort of flaw – usually in performance – this is not true in the diskGenie’s case. It proved to live up to standards set by top performance USB storage devices and secured a 20MB/s write speed and a 30MB/s read speed.

My only gripes about iStorage’s product are its price, £140 for a 320GB USB drive is fairly expensive (you could buy a standard 320GB external hard drive for well under £60). Finally, it’s connectivity, it supports only USB which is a slight let down with most external hard drives now offering the faster eSATA and FireWire.

All in all, this product deserves a solid 4/5.

4 / 5 Award

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