Jabra Drive Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

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Product Overview Testing and Verdict

Testing the Jabra in my car, a 1983 VW Golf, is probably a little unfair seeing as it’s old and very noisy, but this should definitely let us know how well the Jabra Drive performs with all of the exterior noise.

After the whole testing phase was over I have to say that although the Jabra Drive doesn’t look extremely impressive, it certainly stood up very well and performed to an extremely high standard.

During conversations, via the Jabra Drive, I didn’t experience any problems at all really. The audio quality was very impressive, even though my car did put up a fight, in terms of how much noise it was making during the calls.

The product as a whole was also very easy to use and pair with my iPhone 4. It was just a case of turning on Bluetooth and the Jabra Drive connected almost instantly.


Overall, the Jabra Drive is a great device for its price range.

Whilst I managed to hold a conversation without any difficulty, I did find the volume to be a little too quiet at times. The flashing LED on the front annoyed me slightly whilst driving along at night, but then again, there’s quite a few flashing lights in most cars anyway so that’s probably just me.

For the price, around £50, you can’t really go wrong at the end of the day. Jabra products have always been of the highest quality possible and never fail to work when needed.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it definitely shouldn’t be over looked when considering your options.


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