Jabra Freeway In-Car Speakerphone Review

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Product Overview

Jabra have been known to do high quality bluetooth accessories in the past and now that I have my hands on another one of their products I was glad to review it. The packaging was very professional and the outside of the box looked good. The product itself didn’t have much weight to it which was surprising, it has 3 speakers in the front with several command buttons around the device. On the back it has a metal clip which you can use as a stand or simply clipping onto anything you want. It does have small grips on the bottom if your placing it down but these dont work very well when driving around a sharp corner so its best to clip it onto something.

The speakers were nice and very clear, and you can simply pump up the volume by using the buttons. It has built in voice commands so when you press the “Voice” button you can say a few commands such as “Answer” to answer calls or “Play” to play your music library i found this extremely useful and it really felt like you can interact with the product without even touching it.

The call quality was fine, I had no problems with the sound of incoming calls and the callers on the other end said the quality was fine, one problem I had is when your mobile phone is ringing the mic in the Jabra Freeway finds it hard to hear you so you do need to put your phone on silent when communicating with the Freeway.

Overall Verdict

Overall this product is perfect for people not wanting a bluetooth headset, and something they can just clip on in their car. Sound quality is good and the voice commands are just perfect but could do with a few more.