Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Review

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Introduction and Product Overview

The Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset is a high quality Bluetooth headset that features military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.0 technology that claims to be the best noise cancellation technology that money can buy. Sporting a sleek stylish design and a £50 price tag, let’s see whether the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset is all it’s cracked up to be.

The packaging for the Jawbone Prime is very stylish, made out of a durable hard plastic, with the package split into two different sections; the top half housing the headset and the bottom housing the included accessories including six ear buds, an optional ear loop and charger.









The Jawbone Prime sports a simple black design, whilst still looking stylish and sleek. The Prime NoiseAssassin is also available in seven other “dazzling colours” including red, purple and green. With the Jawbone Prime also being very compact, it’s not going to be taking up much room at all when not in use.

The top of the headset acts as the answer call button when pressed, and the charging port can be seen on the end of the headset. The Voice Activity Sensor (white rubber tip) can also be seen at the bottom of the headset.









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