KeySonic Wireless Mini Keyboard for iPad and iPhone Review

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Product Overview

If your looking for a small keyboard to wack in your bag when travelling to write emails, notes and more on your iPad and iPhone, then this is the keyboard for you. This keyboard is super slim and only 30cm long, it has X-Type membrane technology which means it is super responsive via bluetooth; and let me tell you i had no delays when spamming the keyboard on my iPad. It has 11 multimedia keys from volume too homepage buttons, the only little problem i had with this keyboard is the cheap white plastic look to it, personally i dislike the look of it but its not a problem if people don’t mind what there keyboard looks like.

Overall Verdict

Overall this product is super slim and perfect for putting in your bag when travelling, and it is very responsive i had no delays on typing at all. If the keyboard was black i think i would like the appearance of it a bit more, and sometimes the keys can be slightly clicky and make a bit of noise.