Kisai Rogue Touch LED Watch Review

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Have you ever looked for a watch that looks so insane it looks like it’s came from an alien planet? Well today we’ve managed to get our hands on Tokyo Flash’s latest watch, known as the Kisai Rouge Touch.

The box is well designed and it has japanese artwork over it. When opened, the watch is instantly looking right back at you. You also get receive an instruction booklet explaining the ins and outs of the Kisai Rogue Touch.










The watch has a polished stainless steel gunmetal finish, which gives it that shiny hi-tech look. The screen is a LCD/LED hybrid display making it super easy for you to see in the display in the sunlight, and when the you press the touch screen it will glow making it even easier to read. It has four key points on the screen where you can touch to make activate various commands such as changing the time, setting an alarm or simply the glow.









As you can probably see from the pictures, telling the time might be a struggle. However, it becomes very easy to read after a couple hours of use and eventually becomes second nature. Below is a diagram from Tokyo Flash showing you how easy it is to read the time.

Here you can see the layout. In the top left, you have the hours and each block indicates a hour. Let’s say the third block around was missing, this would mean it was 3 o’clock. Then, the minutes are just as easy; if there are twenty blocks appearing below the hour blocks, then that means it’s 3:20. Then, in the middle you can set a second time zone, I usually set mine to New York. Easy Peasy!

You can do other things with the watch such as, set alarms, sett the date and even go in to “animation mode”, which is where the blocks move a little. To change the time you simply hold the right hand side of the touch screen and then slide your finger around the screen clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on what time it is. Reading this, you are probably thinking “this will take me ages!” but you will be very surprised at how easy it actually is to set and read the time.









The design as a whole is very unique  and I have never seen a watch quite like it. The stainless steel and bright blue LCD display go very well together and looks like some kind of alien watch whilst strapped round your wrist. You can choose from four different colours on Tokyo Flash’s Website from red to green, all of which give off this ‘alien’ like appearance.

Tokyo Flash have also managed to put a touchscreen LCD display into very compact device. It isn’t the thinnest of watches, but it’s surprisingly thin for a touch screen watch. It weighs in at 120g, which means it’s not the lightest of watches to have round your wrist, but whilst wearing it I hardly noticed it was there. The case dimensions are 44 x 53.3 x 15mm and it is water resistant to 3ATM, so it’s only really resistance to splashes, which means don’t go swimming with this thing on.


All in all, this watch looks amazing and is like no other watch out there. It looks good with its polished steel and its LCD display, but, most of all, the watch face is just incredible. The only couple of problems I had were that it might be too chunky for some people’s tastes and setting your clock details could be easier. It’s not too much of a problem, but does take some time. An incredible looking product.