KitSound Xdock iPhone / iPod Clock Radio Dock Review

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Waking up in the morning is always the most difficult task of the day for most people, if only there was a cheap, simple product to help you!? Well, the KitSound Xdock Clock Radio Dock for iPhone and iPod is just the right man for the job, and retailing at only £29.99 it’s quite the bargain for the vast range of features you receive. Let’s check it out…

The Xdock arrives in a black cardboard box that lists some of the features as well as displaying a large image of the Xdock in the centre.

The reverse features a short description of the Xdock and lists the package contents and the features in full.









The Xdock itself is black and sports the KitSound name on the lower section of the dock.

On the left, you’ll notice that this is where the dock is located. You can use both an iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch with the Xdock.

The right section is where the display is situated. The time, mode, alarms and volume are all shown here and all can be changed using the buttons located at the top.

The buttons from left to right are: Power / Mode, Menu / Play / Pause, Volume up/down, up/down selectors (for use with the radio and whilst on the menu), and the “Shhhh!” button which is for putting the dock into sleep mode.









The back of the KitSound Xdock is where you’ll find the on/off button, DC in, and AUX in, as well as the Xdock’s speaker.

To the left of the speaker, you’ll notice the black cable. This is the aerial for use with the radio featured on the Xdock.









Included with the KitSound Xdock is the instructions manual and AC adapter.

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