Konnet iCrado Plus Sync and Charge Dock Review

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The Konnet iCrado Plus is a perfect addition to your desk, it uses a USB from the back of your computer to charge and/or sync you iPhone or iPod Touch. It is a curved sheet of metal with a connected iPod adapter and two grips on the back of the stand to keep the dock from staying in place.

I have always looked for a iPhone dock to place on my desk but the only problem i really have is the price and the design of most docks out there. When i got my hands on the iCrado it felt good, its very lightweight but the grips prevent it from sliding around your table with the smallest bit of movement. It has a averaged sized USB cable which i connected to the back of my  iMac and have had no problems with it at all. It looks perfect next to my macbook pro too as the aluminium on both products go very well together and it just makes my desk look that little bit neater.

It has three grips on the top of the dock where the iPhone/iPod Touch will rest on, these are high quality and and have tugged and pulled on them with some force and they have not ripped or moved at all, these grips prevent your device from being scratched or damage if placing with a bit of force, the dock connector is at a slight slant so that the device is at a more viewable angle when placed on your desk.

The best thing a like about this dock is not just the design and appearance of the product its that you could have a case on your device and the dock will still sit your iPhone/iPod Touch comfortably on the dock, and it works with most cases, i have tested it with over 10 different cases and it fits perfectly, no tension, no bending of the connecter, nothing.

This is very impressive as other docks have a problem when their is cases on the product it is trying to dock but Konnet have done a good job on this.

Overall this is a really nice product to have on your desk, you don’t have to climb to the back of your computer to plug in the USB, you can simply just sit your iPhone/iPod Touch on this dock. Its very high quality and it looks good, the only problem is the glue around the connector is visible and makes it look tacky when looking closely.