Koribo Vivar Wireless Keyboard Review

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Today, we’re reviewing the final of three wireless keyboards from Koribo. The Vivar features an optical trackball, a scroll wheel, 13 multi-media buttons, mouse buttons, a non-skid surface/rubber pads and low battery indication. Let’s take a closer look at the Vivar to see how well it performs compared with its two siblings.

About Koribo

“At Koribo, we believe that the computer is a key entertainment component. Today’s computers entertain us in our home and office, when we go on vacations, and even when we’re on the road. The problem is that you can’t use an office computer and input devices in your living room or in your bedroom. If you can’t understand why, we bet your spouse, friends or family will tell you. This is where Koribo fits in. Our products will not only provide you with the best technology available; we bring you cutting edge design and lifestyle too! Don’t be shy with your mini wireless keyboard – place it on the living room table, it is beautiful! Wow your friends as you control your media applications with single clicks. Don’t hide the keyboard for your HTPC; Use a micro wireless keyboard and when you’re done – place it in the drawer with the rest of the remotes, it is the same size! But that’s not all; we’re not in the business of selling ornaments that don’t really work. Koribo was founded by expert engineers who wanted to harness technology to serve everyday people. We apply strict standards from the IT industry along with vast experience to provide you with the best lifestyle technology solution.”

Features / Specifications

Working range
10 meter effective working range including transmission through walls – 15m / 50ft in open space.


Requires 2 x AA batteries.
The keyboard is provided with NiMH rechargeable batteries.
Batteries can be charged, while located in the keyboard using a supplied USB cable.

Sleep feature extends battery life.

Low battery light indicator.
Multimedia Keys and Internet Shortcut Keys

Pre-Track, Next Track, Stop, Play/Pause, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up and a special switch-to-gaming key, Pre-Page, Next-Page, WWW, E-Mail, My Computer.

Optical Trackball: 25mm,  1000 DPI

OS supported

Supports Windows 2000 and later. Other operating systems may be supported as long as they comply with HID (Human Interface Device).

Linux (except for Windows hot keys).

2.4 GHz radio frequency, 8 Channels with 16 bits, 65536 IDs per channel.
10,000,000 cycles per key with less than 10msec bounce time.

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