Koribo Vivar Wireless Keyboard Review

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Testing and Usage

I tested the Koribo Vivar by using it as my main keyboard and occasional mouse over a two day period; this meant I got to use the Vivar ’s keyboard a lot due to writing reviews/programming and controlling Windows Media Center.

The Vivar feels like it has  little weight to it on the left and right sides, but at the same time it feels relatively portable. I like the fact that whilst testing, I found myself using the Vivar like the Koribo Mini because of the scroll wheel and mouse button on the edge, this gave it an even more portable feeling.

I attempted to use the optical trackball which went fairly well during testing, I think that maybe if a rubber ball was used, it would be a little easier to control and would be slightly quieter as the plastic rubbing against the inside became a little annoying after a while.

The internet hotkeys and media center controls all worked as great as the did on the Mini and Leira.

The connectivity options available are great; the first is the wireless receiver which picked up every key that I pressed, and the second is the ability to recharge the included batteries using the USB cable which just plugs straight into a USB port. I think that the rechargable aspect of the Vivar’s batteries is a great selling point which I don’t think I’ve come accross on a wirelss keyboard before.

The size is also ideal as it isn’t too small or too big if you wanted to rest it on your lap whilst typing. When using the Vivar on my desk, the rubber feet worked great and it didn’t slip at all during either normal usage or gameplay. I tried to see what happened when switching from normal to gaming by using the front switch but I did not notice any change (unless I completely missed something?).

Regarding the comfort during usage, the Vivar rated fairly high due to me being able to rest part of my hands on the front of the keyboard. Whilst holding the Vivar, I found that the curvature of the keyboard and also the rubber feet on the bottom allowed for a very comfortable experience as well.

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