Lamptron FC-2 Rheobus Fan Controller

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Lamptron FC-2 Fan Controller


Lamptron specialises in a variety of different products including LEDs, Noise Reduction Kits, Fan Controllers and many more computer accessories. Today we are going to be reviewing the Lamptron FC-2 Rheobus Fan Controller. With its ability to control up to 6 fans at a maximum output of 45 watts per channel it sounds pretty promising, let’s see how it performs.

About Lamptron

“Lamptron develops and markets the next generation of high performance computer peripherals using the latest technology that enables a new level of interaction between the end-user and their personal computer. Products developed are through a combination of proprietary technology, innovation and ergonomic industrial design.”


Features and Specifications

  • Dimension:150mm*43mm*73mm (5.25″ Bay)
  • Power Output:45 w per channel
  • Control Channel:6 Channels
  • Colour Available: Black Anodized/Silver Aluminium
  • DC Input: + 12V(Standard 4- Pin Connector)
  • DC Output: 0V- 12V DC
  • LED Indicator:10* Super-bright Blue LED
  • Fan Connectors: x6

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