LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones Review

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Being one of the world’s leading suppliers of computer and AV connection technologies, LINDY are a brand who produce a wide range of products. Today we’re testing out the LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones, which boast built-in wireless technology allowing you to listen to music or TV without the inconvenience and restrictions of a wired connection. Let’s see how they perform.

The LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones retail at £54.98, direct from LINDY, and feature high quality 30mm drivers, are comfortable and lightweight, can also be connected to your TV and have a 45 metre range from the wireless receiver.


Established in 1932 in Germany, LINDY Electronics emerged onto the market as a small family-ran business that specialised in petroleum lamps, radios and other electrical components.

Since then, LINDY has grown into a multinational group of independent companies. Offering a selection of cables, computing and networking supplies, LINDY has become a firm favourite with everyone from corporate customers to colleges and home users.

Product Overview

Out of the packaging the headphones look relatively standard, apart from the fact that they’re obviously missing a cable to hook them up to your computer.


They sport a black and dark grey colour scheme, and feature the LINDY name on the back of the ear piece.

You can increase the size of the headphones to suit the user, which reveals the metal band that is reinforcing the headphones, and on closer inspection it appears the entire product is basically built around this metal band.


The headphones themselves are very flexible, however there is a very fine line between flexible and flimsy. These do feel a little too flexible, in our opinion, when moving the headphones around.

Moving on to the headphone controls, which you’ll find on the left ear piece, we have a volume rocker switch and also a power button. When setting up, the “Connect” button will act as the button to pair the headphones to the receiver.


The ear pads, as stated on LINDY’s website, are rather comfortable. They are on-ear headphones, so they don’t completely cover your ears. I’m personally not a fan of these types of headphones so I’ll be testing how this affects audio quality a bit later in the review.


The right ear piece is where the battery compartment is hidden. Removing the cover will allow you to insert two AAA batteries, giving power to the headphones themselves.


The wireless receiver features 2.4GHz wireless technology, allowing the headphones to work up to 45 metres away from the receiver. A very handy feature if you’re going to be using these with your TV.

Also included is a digital to analog converter (built-in) which allows you to listen to audio from your PC just by plugging in the USB cable; no audio cable required.

The receiver has four rubber feet so it can be placed on your desk without sliding around.


Moving around to the rear of the receiver, we can see that there’s a microUSB input, for power and connecting to your computer, an audio in port and also a switch to tell the receiver whether you’re listening via USB or the Audio In port.


Setting Up

Out of the box, the headphones should automatically be paired. However, if they are not then there’s a few simple instructions to get the headphone set up.

First you need to make sure the batteries are in the headphones (not included) and then press the power button located next to the volume controls.

Now for the wireless receiver. All of the necessary cables (USB, AUX, and 3.5mm jack to stereo phono adapter) are included, as well as various plugs to use depending on which country you’re in.


When you plug in the wireless receiver you need to hold down the power button to turn it on, and then hold down the connect button for five seconds. This basically puts the receiver in pairing mode.

Once you’ve done this you just need to hold the connect toggle down on the headphones until you hear a continuous beeping noise. The headphones should then be paired with the wireless receiver.


Being headphones the main factor we’re usually looking for when testing is audio quality and durability of the headphones.

For these headphones in particular we’ll also be testing out how well the wireless receiver works and also how well they connect up to both TV and the iMac, as well as my iPad.


First off, the TV. Everything here is relatively simple. You just need to hook the stereo phono adapter up to the AUX cable and connect to the ports on the back of the TV, the USB cable should then be used to connect the receiver to the mains.

This worked effortlessly when tested with my TV. The headphones worked instantly and given that my TV is around 11 metres away from the opposite side of the room they had no problem staying connected.

Next up, the iMac. As with the TV everything was easy to setup, however there was no need for any audio cables this time because of the built-in digital to analog converter which basically means that the audio can be transmitted via USB to the receiver and then straight up to the headphones.

And finally the iPad. Again, the setup process was identical as with the TV and the iMac. However this time we’re using the AUX cable.

Using any one of the three ways to connect the receiver up did not appear to hinder audio, nor the setting up process. Each method was merely an alternate way of connecting everything up, with all of them working effortlessly.


As I mentioned earlier in the review, the headphones are relatively comfortable. This allows you to wear them for hours, thanks to the cushioned headband and also the cushioned ear pads. Their flexibility certainly helps with comfort, but we’re still not convinced that the headphones need to be as flexible as they currently are. This will most likely end up being a hindrance more than anything, and probably end up with the headphones becoming damaged due to their flexible nature.


LINDY state on their website that the WHF-45 Wireless headphones sport 30mm drivers, which provide excellent bass response, smooth mids and superb clarity. We’re not sure who wrote the description, but it is somewhat exaggerated in our opinion.

Don’t get me wrong the audio quality isn’t bad, however when listening to music I found that the bass was sometimes a bit too overpowering compared to the mids and highs. This resulted in the sound being somewhat dull and full of moderately OK bass, instead of a nice mix of the smooth mids and superb clarity we were promised.

The volume controls on the headphones confuse me a little as well, because there’s really no need for them. If you’re at your computer you have a volume control anyway, same with your TV, so they just don’t make much sense to me unfortunately.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is that I wasn’t really impressed with the audio quality. Whilst watching TV I couldn’t complain. They worked absolutely fine. However, these don’t do music any justice. Especially not for the price. Maybe if these were half the price at £30, then you could justify the quality.


We’ve had some good times, but we’ve also had some bad times whilst testing the LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones. The clue is in the name really. TV.

Whilst the WHF-45’s come complete with a range of different setup options and are compatible with all devices because of this, we feel that if you’re looking for a set of wireless headphones to listen to music then you should probably stay away from these.

For TV use, and watching films, these could be a very viable option for you. They’re very comfortable, and offer a range of up to 45 metres. Using batteries in the headphones seems a bit old-fashioned, and they’ll only last for 10 hours. For the price I’d expect to have perhaps seen some sort of charging capability with a built-in battery. For the mean time rechargeable batteries would probably suffice.

Overall the LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones have proven to be packed full of features and also fulfil their claims of being ideal for TV and gaming. Audio quality when listening to music is not great, and for that reason I can’t recommend them as a pair of headphones suitable for anything to do with music. I can however recommend them as a great pair of headphones for TV, film and gaming. With the added ability that they’re completely wireless for up to 45 metres from the receiver, and they’re also very comfortable you can’t really go too wrong.

The build quality could be better for the price, but with love and care they’re going to last a decent amount of time. Thanks to the included 2 year guarantee you’re also fairly safe when it comes to faults and problems.

The price is a little steep, we feel, for a pair of wireless headphones that don’t have a built-in battery and could be classed as a little flimsy or of poor build quality, however they do have their good points as well.


– Completely wireless (up to 45 metres)

– Many ways to connect to your devices

– Comfortable / Lightweight

– Built-in Digital to Analogue converter


– Headphones are battery powered / only 10 hours use

– Extremely flexible which could result in damage

– Not good for music, bass is too overpowering

– Quite expensive for what you get

Taking everything in to consideration, the LINDY WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones have earned a respectable 7/10.