Maxell Air Voltage Wireless Qi Charging Mat and Sleeve Review

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Whilst the upcoming release of iOS 5 will see wireless syncing and over-the-air updates, there most likely isn’t going to be any wireless charging functionality. This is where the Maxell Air Voltage Wireless Qi Charging Mat and Sleeve comes in. Bringing a sleek black design and the ability to transfer electricity between two touching objects! The Air Voltage is definitely bringing something new to the table with its sleek and unobtrusive design. Let’s see how it performs…

The first things I will point out are that the charging mat and sleeve are unfortunately not sold together so you do have to purchase both separately, with the charging mat retailing at £59.99 and the sleeve retailing at £36.99 when they are released in October. This does seem quite a steep price, but when you think about the technology involved and what everything is doing, as well as the very sleek and appealing design, you can somewhat justify the price tags.

Let’s talk about the charging mat for the moment. It is completely black in colour with the top surface being split into two sections. The top half features the Maxell logo as well the indicator underneath that lets you know you’ve placed the sleeve down on it by lighting up blue. The whole section below the white line is where you can place the sleeve, with iPhone 4 in, which will then initiate the connection between the two devices and start charging the iPhone.

The reverse of the charging mat features four rubber feet. This is also where you plug the power cable into the mat.

The sleeve in which you place the iPhone 4 is also completely black in colour. It is made of a fairly durable plastic that feels as though it would provide a decent amount of protection if dropped. I’m not too sure whether the technology inside the sleeve would survive if you did drop it though, this could be a potential issue.

You’ll also notice that the bottom of the case features two holes where both speaker and microphone are normally accessible. It’s nice to see that Maxell have taken time in designing the sleeve and making sure that everything is still accessible. The sleeve has been designed so that the both the camera and volume controls are still accessible.

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