Maxell Air Voltage Wireless Qi Charging Mat and Sleeve Review

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The iPhone slots into the sleeve with relative ease and is a nice snug fit, no wobbling around or dodgy connections. The standard 30-pin connecter is obviously used inside the sleeve as well.

Once you’ve slid your iPhone into the sleeve, all you need to do is make sure you’ve plugged in the charging mat and your ready to go.

Upon placing the sleeve on the charging mat, you’ll notice that the blue light below the Maxell logo will light up blue; this light indicates that the mat has recognised the sleeve and the iPhone will begin to charge.

And once you’re done charging, just take the iPhone off of the charging mat and you’ll see that the iPhone acts as if you’ve just taken out the charging cable like normal, but obviously in this case you’ve just cut off the electricity supply to the sleeve.

Once you’re used to just placing your iPhone down in one place to charge, you won’t know how you have survived all these years with those damn cables! The Maxell Air Voltage Qi does make things just that little bit more simple.

One problem I did find was that currently, while iOS 5 is still unreleased, you cannot sync with iTunes whilst charging your iPhone with the Air Voltage. This unfortunately became a bit annoying when I wanted to sync some new songs or films onto my iPhone.


Overall, the Maxell Air Voltage Qi Charging Mat and Sleeve is a very high quality product that performs extremely well and is definitely worth the high price tag, I feel.

I experienced no issues with connectivity so from the moment you place your iPhone down on the mat, it will be receiving that lovely supply of electricity it always needs.

As mentioned before, the issue with not being able to sync your device whilst charging might be an issue for some people but with the release of the Maxell Air Voltage Qi Charging Mat and Sleeve around the same time as iOS 5, it shouldn’t cause too much of a hassle.

The Maxell Air Voltage Qi Charging Mat will be available for around £59.99 from October and the iPhone 4 sleeve will sell for £36.99 at the same time.


  • Fast charging
  • Charging sleeve has thin design and all features are still accessible
  • Charging mat fits easily on desks or work surfaces
  • No drops in connectivity


  • Can’t sync iPhone with iTunes because the sleeve’s 30-pin connector is hooked upto the iPhone; however, iOS 5 will solve this issue with wireless syncing


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