MEElectronics RX11-BK In-Ear Headphones Review

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Finding a decent pair of headphones for a good price is always a difficult task, but with the RX11s from MEElectronics you get the best of both worlds. Retailing at only $25 (£15) and boasting “Premium Sound”, most of you’ll be thinking, “Yeh, I’ve seen cheap headphones that say they have awesome sound quality before, and I heard more static than actual music”. However, you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised with the RX11s overall build and sound quality.

As you’ll see, the packaging is very minimal with the headphones on display in the top half and the box situated below, which contains four sets of eartips (I’ve already attached one set to the headphones).

The box also lists the RX11s features, which are:

  • Premium sound in style!
  • In-ear design blocks out ambient noise
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3/CD/DVD players, computers, and all devices with a  standard 3.5mm jack

The colour scheme for the RX11s is a red and black one which always looks very sleek and stylish on pretty much any product. With the RX11s being so small and compact, transporting them around isn’t a hassle either. Just pop them in your pocket or bag and you’re good to go.

Unlike the standard iPod / iPhone headphones, the RX11s feature silicon eartips. Generally with eartips, they provide a snug and comfortable fit that blocks out most outside noises meaning you can actually enjoy the film you’re watching or the music you’re listening to. Because of the silicon eartips, it also means you can listen to your music for hours upon hours, which I find pretty impossible to do using standard iPod headphones.

Now, most people like to wear headphones whilst they’re out and about in town or perhaps on the bus going to work. The RX11s feature a handy clip so that you can clip the headphones onto an item of clothing such as the edge of a shirt just so that the cable is nice and secure. Trust me, the amount of times I’ve had headphones in and they’ve got caught on a door handle and the cable has broke, this is definitely a much needed feature is you’re prone to accidently destroying almost every pair of headphones you use.

A feature we normally see a lot of on computer peripherals is the gold-plated USB. Well MEElectronics decided it would be a good idea to use this, now increasingly common practice, on the RX11s. For all of you that don’t know, a gold-plated connector is generally more responsive and enables a more stable and high quality connection between your device and the headphones thus ensuring that don’t have a dodgy connection.

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