Motorola XOOM Standard Dock Review

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Introduction and Product

With most smartphones and tablets, they’ll most likely all have a dock that you’ll be able to purchase. Normally, these docks just charge your device and that’s the end of it. Today however, we have the Standard version of the Motorola XOOM Dock to review which also features an AUX port to hook up your sound system and the Motorola XOOM. Let’s see how it performs.

The Standard Dock’s tagline is “Get Charged Up” and below the tagline, “Just dock it, charge and with audio line out, get ready to listen”. Both of these taglines pretty much sum up the main and only uses of the dock; charging and the ability to hook it up to your speakers. So, at the high price of £40 ($65), is it worth it?

The actual dock section is made of hard, black rubber to protect the XOOM whilst it’s docked, whereas the rest of the dock has been finished in a glossy black plastic; both of which compliment each other fairly well.

When the XOOM is docked, both the XOOMs power LED and the white dot on the Dock are aligned which, although a minor detail, is nice to see thought has gone into the design.

The rear of the dock has both ports for AUX cable and power cable. With the included AUX port, you’ll be able to hook the XOOM up to any music system of your choosing.

To be able to power the dock, you’ll need to use the XOOMs included power cable because Motorola do not supply you with a power cable, or AUX cable for that matter, to use with the dock.

The dock as a whole has a decent amount of weight to it so it’s definitely going to stay still and sturdy on your desk or work surface.  The whole underside of the dock acts as one large rubber foot which doesn’t really improve the Standard Docks ability to stay in one place, I did find it quite easy to push the docked XOOM and dock across my desk which could become quite a problem if you’re prone to knocking things over.

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