Motorola XOOM Standard Dock Review

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Testing and Verdict

Testing the dock was a pretty simple task to be honest, the only features that we’re able to review and test on the standard dock are the charging port and the AUX port.

The Motorola XOOM sits in the dock well and without hassle, at first glance the actual dock connector looks slightly off centre compared with the XOOM itself but once the XOOMs connected, everything looks great. It doesn’t budge easily and feels fairly stable in the dock.

I charged up the XOOM from almost empty using the dock and to be fair it didn’t take very long at all, maybe a couple of hours at the most. Upon being fully charged, the white light on the XOOM turns a healthy green colour.

Next, I hooked up my spare 3.5mm AUX cable to both my speakers and the dock. The sound quality was pretty good to be honest, not quite as good as the quality I get when I connect my iPhone directly to my speakers but definitely good.

This feature proved quite useful for when I wanted to say, watch some YouTube videos or a film but I can’t really see the long term function of the AUX port if it’s sat on your desk as you’d most likely have access to films and online video via your laptop or computer.


All in all, the Official Standard Dock for the Motorola XOOM is a pretty decent product that does what it’s supposed to do.

At the price of £40, it could be deemed as being too expensive but then again it is one of the official XOOM accessories so it’s going to cost slightly more money than other accessories.

I found the sleek black gloss / black rubber design, which is in similar to the colour scheme and design of the XOOM, to be quite appealing also. There are also loads of other mobile phone accessories available at


  • Great design / colour scheme
  • Very good at charging relatively quickly
  • AUX port is a great extra feature to have


  • Price
  • Rubber foot does not prevent slipping



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