New Apple iPad 3 Review

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The new Apple iPad’s camera has also been upgrade from the iPad 2’s, very poor 0.7-megapixel, camera, with it being replaced by a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording Full 1080p HD at 30fps, video stabilization and taking 5-megapixel photos (2592 x 1944 resolution).

The front-facing camera is still pretty terrible though, with a wide-open aperture of f/2.4 meaning that photos in the light are pretty rubbish.

Here are a few photos that we took, and also a video, showing off the new iPad’s improved camera technology.

Still Photo Samples

Full HD 1080p Video Quality Test

I thought the video was very impressive and the video stabilisation was very handy in removing a few bumps and shakes.

Camera Software

The camera application hasn’t really gone under any transformation, however here’s what you’ll see when you load up the camera application.

Overall, the camera quality of the main rear camera is really good. If you plan on taking photos and video with it, however, don’t complain when you’re laughed at by everyone around you who are holding small point-and-shoot cameras and iPhones.