New Apple iPad 3 Review

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With excellent graphical performance and a brilliant user interface experience being one of Apple’s primary missions, we can safely say that they’ve achieved what they wanted to do!

The Apple A5X is the name of the chip inside the new iPad. The “X” is a reference to the improved graphics, which are now quad-core. A small disappointment is the fact that the CPU speed is the same as the iPad 2’s, however there was never a problem on the iPad 2 and there isn’t one here either.


The introduction of 1GB of RAM, instead of the usual 512MB, has most likely boosted the overall user experience, with you being able to open pretty much every application you own without any performance decrease whatsoever.

Because of the updated graphics power, the switches between applications and app pages are also extremely smooth and lag-free.

With regards to the user experience, I noticed an increase in heat when performing certain tasks such as gaming and recording in 1080p. However, this is expected really when you’re performing such tasks and it doesn’t reduce the overall performance, so there’s not too much to worry about regarding this.

Update – 19/03/2012: With regards to the heat issue, it appears to have worsened over the weekend with quite a decent amount of heat being produced when you’re not even using the device. You can read more here.


Gaming is perhaps where the most has happened, upgrade-wise, with the Apple A5X chip now providing quad-core graphics to enhance your gaming experience even more than before.

If you have ever used the iPad 2, you’ll know that gaming on there wasn’t too shabby either, so expect even more from the new iPad!

I downloaded the recently announced game Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, which is extremely addictive and looks absolutely stunning on the Retina Display.









The advanced nature of the application is something I’d expect to see on a PC instead of a 9.7-inch tablet, but the inclusion of such games is more than welcome when they perform as well as Sky Gamblers does.

The game revolves around you, the jet fighter, primarily and you basically have to take-out your opposition with a range of weapons that are provided. After winning and gaining more points, you’ll be awarded with more items including new, and better, planes.

From the main menu, you have the ability to choose from a range of different options including a multi-player game over local Wi-Fi, an online game, or just a quick match, which immediately finds a server and various players for you to take on.

If you want more control over your game then you can also choose from the different modes including Dogfight Missions, Survival, Free For All and many more. Take a look at the video below to see it in action.


Overall, the gaming performance on the new iPad is just brilliant. The enhanced visuals are spectacular. You really have to use it in person to understand how brilliant it really is.