New Apple iPad 3 Review

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A fair few applications have been announced recently, some of which were updated to be used on the new Apple iPad such as SketchBook Pro and Real Racing 2.

You also receive the standard applications such as Safari, Mail, iBooks, Photos, Facetime, Messages and more.


Obviously, Safari is featured on the iPad and the whole experience is brilliant. From zooming right on to some small text and having the Retina Display show it like it’s just been printed on to the display, from switching between tabs with no effort whatsoever, regardless of how many are open.


PhotoBooth is also here still, and thanks to the improved graphics, it runs smoother than ever. With the ability to switch between cameras you can also create some pretty funky high-quality snaps as well.


Garageband has undergone a pretty cool upgrade as well, with the ability to now start Jam Sessions with other iOS devices via Bluetooth. A pretty cool feature for any musicians out there who are looking to create an iOS band!










If you’ve purchased the 16GB model, like the one we’re reviewing; don’t expect to be able to put too many applications on here, unless you’re just installing small apps such as Angry Birds and SketchBook Pro.

After installing Garageband, which appeared to take forever (and I now know why), I was extremely shocked to find that it had taken up just over 1GB of space!

With one application using that amount of space, it won’t be long before you’re deleting apps to make room for more on the 16GB model.

This is most likely because the apps need to include high-quality graphics and extra files to make it look stunningly beautiful on the new iPad’s Retina Display.

We’d strongly recommend getting at least the 32GB or 64GB model if you plan on installing a lot of applications and using it heavily.