New Apple iPad 3 Review

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Whilst the battery life is very good, one thing didn’t actually happen whilst I was charging my iPad.

I plugged in my iPad, which had about 51% left, and in the space of 20 minutes it had only increased to 52% whilst the screen was still on.

I know that recent reports suggested that it would take a while to charge to larger battery, but rising 1% in 20 minutes is a bit ridiculous, regardless of whether the display was left on.

I turned the display off and it did charge much quicker, but still not extremely fast.

This will definitely be a problem for users who have forgot to charge their iPad up and want to get a little bit of juice inside it before heading off to work.

However, the battery does last a good 9 hours whilst in use, so the battery life overall is also very impressive.


After using the new iPad for most of the day, I’ve been incredibly impressed so far. The speed and beautiful display are more than enough reasons to go out and purchase the new iPad right now. However, if you’ve already got the iPad 2 I’d recommend staying put for now, because the performance increase and improved camera aren’t good enough reasons to upgrade just yet.

If you’re in the US and would benefit from the inclusion of 4G LTE compatibility, and the rest, then I say go for it.

I’d also recommend upgrading to 1st Gen iPad users, who would be the most impressed regarding the speed, display, camera and overall performance increase.

With the 16GB Wi-Fi only model starting from £399 ($499), the prices are very competitive in this tablet-filled world that we live in, however if you plan on using the iPad, heavily, every day I’d recommend picking up at least a 32GB model because of the increase in application sizes.


  • Same design / form factor (almost), but it feels and looks great
  • Reasonably priced
  • Insanely beautiful display
  • Amazing graphics, thanks to the quad-core A5X
  • Movies and games look great
  • Camera quality is very impressive
  • Great new applications such as iPhoto


  • Thicker than iPad 2
  • Battery takes forever to charge
  • Retina-optimised applications use a lot of storage space
  • 4G option not really an option here in the UK (not really Apple’s fault though)