Nokia X7 Smartphone Review

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When I was a child, Nokia had me hooked with their latest phones, and now I get to review one of their latest smart-phones 10 years later. When I first looked at the Nokia X7 smartphone it looked different to other smart-phones with its sharp grill appearance, which really caught my eye. The Nokia X7 has a 680 mhz processor and a 8MP camera that can shoot in 720p at 25fps. It also has a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen to bring you bright saturated colours.

Whats in the box?

Nokias packaging is very standard, keeping everything nice and snug inside the box, not wasting any packaging at all. The box slides out of the bottom from its exterior box and then as usual the phone is looking at you, and underneath the phone will lay your SIM tray. When you lift out the phone there is a leaflet box with ‘i’ on it, which means information, here is where your quick start guide and warranty lays. Under that is your charger, your USB to Micro USB and your in-ear headphones with built in call controls.


When I look at phones I like them to be different to their competitors and Nokia have done this very well with the X7 smartphone, it has very distinctive grills on each corner of the device, they top two doing nothing but the bottom two acting as speaker grills. On the face of the device it has your standard ear speaker and proximity sensor, the home button which is thin and rectangular, oh, and did I miss the giant 4″ AMOLED touchscreen?


On top you have your 3.5mm headphone jack smack bang in the middle, you have your micro USB and your on/off or sleep/wake button. On the bottom you have a mic. On the right hand side of the device you have your volume rocker and your camera button, on the left hand side you have your SIM tray and your Micro SD tray. Warning these are very fidgety to get out. On the back of the device it is packing a 8 megapixel camera and a dual LED flash which can shoot in 720p but the camera is fix focus only which is disappointing.

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