Nokia X7 Smartphone Review

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The Nokia X7 smartphone has a 4″ AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 360×640. This resolution is very disappointing as it should be a resolution that is competing with its competitors. The AMOLED screen gives it better battery life and also gives it deeper black levels to give colours more of a punch. Some people dislike 4″ screens but personally when using it I love the size, especially when gaming, the AMOLED screen works nicely and your thumbs doesn’t cover up the whole screen when your playing games.

The 4″ screen isn’t just good for games its good for watching movies, surfing the web, or simply gliding through your phone, personally for me it provides more freedom and better reading space. And when I went back to my iPhone 4 screen it felt tiny!



The Nokia’s 8MP camera is OK, nothing special but its a nice camera to have in your pocket. When taking pictures the shutter speed is impressively fast which is good for when taking those once in a lifetime pictures. you can change your picture mods in the options from colour tone too sharpness, it also has face detection and geo tagging. The only problem I have with the photos is that they seemed slightly washed out.


You can try and attempt to reduce the washy-ness with its built in editing settings but it cant do it very well. The video quality is nice but can sometimes bit a bit jerky as its only 25fps and it has the same problem as the photos, sometimes it seems a bit washed and the colours don’t seem as saturated as they should be, I was impressed with the audio quality when videoing it seems nice and sharp, just try to stay out of the wind. Check my video review at the top of the page for an example of the video and audio quality of the X7.


The speakers on the X7 are at the bottom of the device, one in each corner and they look like little grills which Nokia have purposely structured this into the whole design which I like. The audio quality was fine, I had no problems with it, it was loud, sharp, nice mids and lows but can sometimes hear a small bit of distortion when playing it at full volume and the bass is more like a slap instead of thump, but you cant expect miracles from a smart-phones speakers. Another cool thing with the speakers is that even when they are covered by your fingers you can easily hear the sound, in fact it hardly blocks the sound.


Now the main reason people buy smart-phones is due to their software. Nokia is rocking out the latest version of Symbian known as ‘Symbian Anna’ the update has basically gave the phone a fresh look and feel. The applications are softer and more rounded, its easier type with their new keyboard layout, faster browsing and emailing. When you go into the main menu you have your time and date at the top of the screen along with your battery life, signal etc. You can then adjust widgets and apps around your screen to whatever way you like them, for example on my front page I have my calendar, twitter feed and my top 4 contacts in my address book.

I like that you can bring your twitter feed straight to your homepage so that you can keep up to date with your most recent tweets. When sliding to the next page you have a background transition into another background which just makes it feel like your phone is that little bit more special. On the second page I have most of my applications from games to radios, I also have my music player which you can see in the above image, so I can easily play my music when I have my headphones in instead of going into the library.

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