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The OCZ Fatal1ty 550w retails for around the same price as most other high end 550w PSU’s. This is great as it doesn’t mean that you are paying for the Fatal1ty branding which in most case is meaningless.


The unit was almost inaudible after the bearings had worn in and it is safe to say that it is a lot quieter than my trusty Tuniq Miniplant 950w.

Final Thoughts

There are many flaws with PSU’s, most being their fixed cables which in turn ruin the aesthetics and the user friendliness of the unit. With the OCZ Fatal1ty 550w however it seems that these issues are addressed and eliminated, although the modular design is not unique it certainly does help this products saleability.

Bottom Line: If you want ultimate performance with the most stable rails possible then consider another PSU, if you want good performance at a reasonable price and you don’t want to be able to hear it… then the OCZ Fatal1ty 550w is definitely one to consider.

4 star award