One For All Smart Control Review

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We’ve all seen universal remote controls for TVs, but the One For All Smart Control takes things to a completely different level. The Smart Control provides the ability to control your devices with just a simple flick, or tap, of the remote control. Currently on sale for only £29.99, the One For All Smart Control is an absolute bargain considering you’re receiving quite a few features. Let’s take a closer look…

Arriving in a clear plastic casing, the Smart Control is featured on the right, with information regarding the features surrounding it.

After opening up the package, you’re greeted with a range of different booklets including two setup and installation guides as well as a book containing TV, STB, DVD, AMP, MP3 and Media codes, for connecting the remote to different brands.

The remote is a dark grey/black colour, with a silver bezel around the edges. We found that, for the amount of technology you’re holding in your hand, the remote is very compact and lightweight.

The rear of the Smart Control has an almost rubber-like texture to it, and the device, as a whole, is very comfortable when in use.









As you can see in the images below, there are quite a few buttons on the Smart Control. This is because remote can control six different devices including TVs, set-top-boxes, DVD players, MP3 players and media devices such as Freeview, media centres and satellite receivers.









The Smart Control needs four AAA batteries to work, which aren’t included normally.

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