Otterbox MySymmetry Series iPhone 6 Case Review

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Otterbox are a well known protective case manufacturer for a wide range of devices. From iPhone 6 Plus to Samsung Galaxy S6, Otterbox offer cases for almost every one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. Today we’re testing out the stylish, yet protective, MySymmetry Series case for iPhone 6. Featuring interchangeable design inserts, your iPhone can look however you want it to.

Retailing at £24.99 the MySymmetry case is very much a mid-range case from Otterbox. With swappable inserts, costing £3.99 each or three for £7.50, and available in a whole range of colours the MySymmetry Series case can look any way you like. You also get one free insert included with the case as well.

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About Otterbox

Starting with something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 and built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance. Our cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle and like our customers, we’ve been there too!

Product Overview

The Otterbox MySymmetry Series case is a clear case, which boasts tough protection as well as customisable style.

We opted for the black version, however there are three other colours available. Those being Royal Crystal (blue), Sorbet Crystal (pink/red) and Grey Crystal, as well as our Black Crystal version.


Each case comes with one swappable insert, which you unfortunately don’t get to choose. The included insert is of a relatively plain design, but there are a wide range of different styled & coloured inserts available on the Otterbox website.


The actual case itself is constructed of a hard durable plastic, with rubber edging, and boasts that it features drop protection, scratch protection and a shock-absorbing interior.


Even without my iPhone in the case it’s still a very sturdy product, with just some slight movement to allow your device to be easily installed.

As you can see in the photo below, the border of the case is around 3mm higher than the screen to help reduce screen-related scratches when the phone is placed down.


All of the ports and buttons around the case are very accessible. The mute switch was a little bit more difficult to get to due to the thickness of the case, but not so much that it hinders usability.

The cutouts at the bottom of the case, for the audio, lightning connector and the speaker, are larger than the ports themselves. This solves the issue of some AUX cables having quite a large casing around the connector and therefore not being usable with some cases.


Moving around to the rear of the case you can see the iPhone in all it’s glory, thanks to the see-through plastic shell. If you’re not a fan of this you can always install one of the patterned inserts (one included) that Otterbox have to offer.

The rear is separated in to two sections here; the main plastic shell, and the cutout for the iPhone’s camera. The camera, when in the case, is slightly recessed. A similar design to the mute switch, which helps protect the camera lens from damage. This can sometimes help to improve photo quality in certain lighting as well because not as much light is surrounding the camera lens.


There’s not really much to be said about the interior of the case, apart from the case walls are extremely protective due to the internal walls being rubber and the outside being housed in plastic. This combination is basically a shock absorbing shell that cradles your device. Any knocks or bumps will be dissipated around the outer edge of the case as well, protecting the phone.


Priced at £24.99, some of you might be thinking that’s quite expensive for a case. However, this is a mid-range product from Otterbox and is priced according to its features and how well it performs. It is a relatively slim-line case, that also features a two-material construction effectively doubling its protective capabilities.

From the raised, beveled edge, to protect your screen during tumbles, and the internal rubber walls to cushion your phone from impact, the Otterbox MySymmetry offers both style and protection for a reasonable price.

We’re not convinced on the price of the inserts though. At £3.99 each, or three for £7.50, for what is basically a thin iPhone shaped piece of plastic we’d expect maybe a whole selection of designs and styles. Perhaps 10 for £5 would be a much more appealing offer, and I’m sure there would still be money to be made.

Regardless, the Otterbox MySymmetry Series iPhone 6 case does a great job at protecting your device and does it in style.


Dual-material construction

Raised edge to protect screen


Does not add too much depth to your device


Swappable inserts are quite expensive

If you’re after a case that offers protection, is durable and can be customised to suit your style then the Otterbox MySymmetry Series case is a great choice. 8/10

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