Ozone Gaming Argon Ocelote Gaming Mouse Review

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Finding a gaming mouse that possesses true power is a difficult task. You need precision, comfort and stability. The Ozone Gaming Argon Ocelote, designed by pro gamer Ocelote, apparently encompasses all of the necessary traits of a pro gaming mouse, so let’s take a closer look.


First impressions are key in a product that is the controller of your PC. The Ocelote Argon doesn’t disappoint.


It’s a simple design, but encompasses many cool features such as enhanced grips on either side of the mouse, the option to add more weight to the mouse, ambidextrous design, 9 programmable buttons and adjustable DPI on the fly.


Taking a look at the front of the mouse, I immediately think of the front grill of some sort of super car. This makes me think, “speed”, “power” and “control”. The 1.8-metre cable is a nice addition for those of us with desktop PCs that are a fair distance away from the desk.


2016-06-08 13.05.50


Six of the programmable buttons, located on the left side, top and right side, are accented in a vivid orange colour. The left and right side of the mouse also feature an orange rubber grip which really enhances the overall experience. There’s no accidental slips of the mouse, and to be honest you feel in total control at all times.


2016-06-08 13.00.44


2016-06-08 13.01.08


The rear of the mouse features an LED-lit Ozone Gaming logo, which really stands out both in the daytime and at night.


The underside of the mouse is where you can gain access to the additional weight compartment, which can house up to four weights (there are 4 x 4.5g weights included). The mouse itself only has two feet, which I can’t say I’ve seen too often. Many of the other mice I own have four feet, as well as the additional weights compartment.


2016-06-08 13.04.07


2016-06-08 13.04.53


During testing I can’t say that the fewer number of feet really affected the gaming experience. My gameplay was both smooth and controlled, with few issues. The issues, however, were down to my shoddy gaming skills, so I can’t really blame the mouse…


The ability to programme the mouse buttons using Ozone’s high performance software was key during the games testing stage of my review. The software was easy to use, easy to apply settings and the mouse actually saves your settings on the 128KB internal memory. Good job, Ozone.


The Ocelote features an ADNS 9800 Enhanced Laser Gaming Sensor, capable of offering a DPI level from 100 to 8200.


I can’t say I’m a massive fan of extremely high DPI levels for every day use, but during gaming these definitely come in handy when trying to get those quick kills. I didn’t need the mouse to be at 8200 during my testing, and found a happy middle ground at around 4800. All DPI settings can be easily adjusted using the included software, or if you’re happy with the 800/1800/4000/8200 default levels you can swap between these on the mouse instead.


In terms of comfort and usability, the Argon Ocelote has them both. I’ve been using quite a wide mouse for quite some time and wasn’t too sure that the Ocelote’s narrow design would suit me, but the Argon Ocelote fit my hand perfectly and felt incredibly comfortable even with prolonged use.


The intelligent ambidextrous design is great, too. I’m not ambidextrous in the slightest, however I can appreciate that there are quite a few people that this mouse would greatly benefit.



The Ozone Gaming Argon Ocelote retails for around the £40 mark, which for gaming mice is fairly reasonable. It sports a fairly simplistic design whilst also having subtle design features that really finish the mouse off well.


The ambidextrous design, option to add more weight, extremely grippy material and high comfort levels make the Ozone Gaming Argon Ocelote a great option for those of you looking for a mid-range high performance gaming mouse.


As I mentioned earlier the mouse is quite narrow, so if you have larger than average hands this may not be the gaming mouse for you.


All in all, the Ozone Gaming Argon Ocelote has been a pleasure to both test and use, and has earned itself an impressive 9/10.


You can visit Ozone Gaming’s website for more information.