Philips Fidelio DS3020 Docking Speaker Review

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Testing and Verdict

To test the Fidelio, I played a variety of genres of music and film at different volume levels, and also tested the alarm feature over night.

The Neodymium speaker packs 8W of output power, which provides more than enough power for this little beast. And as with most docking speakers, you don’t need to plug any cables into the headphone jack; you just dock your device and you’re ready to go. The dock connector can also move forwards if you choose to leave the case on your device, a great little feature that most companies would overlook.

First of all, the Philips Fidelio application, downloadable from the App Store, enables a whole variety of features such as playback controls, worldwide Internet radio, a multi-function alarm clock, and a unique weather alert system.

Whilst most of these features are readily available on your iDevice to begin with, it’s nice to see all of them in one place without the need to keep changing applications.

The alarm clock feature worked great with my iPhone 4 and definitely woke me up after I forgot to turn the volume down!

Unfortunately, I could not use the apps playback controls due to the lack of support for other music and radio applications such as my personal preference, Spotify. Perhaps in a future update to the app, this feature could be made available.

After playing a whole variety of genres including acoustic and also some very bass-laden songs I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t any genre the Fidelio couldn’t handle; the sound quality was second to none! Even at full volume.

The Dynamic Bass Boost feature on the Fidelio application also works very well and really brings out the bass in some of the songs.

All in all, the Fidelio DS3020 Speaker Dock from Philips would be a great addition to any iDevice users accessory collection. With its superb sound quality, dynamic bass boost and additional features (via the use of the Fidelio Application), the mid-priced Fidelio Speaker Dock is a must have from Philips!


  • Superb, crystal clear sound quality
  • Great design (glossiness always improves your product overall design)
  • Fidelio App provides some great additional features
  • Ability to keep case on your device


  • None


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