Philips Hue Wireless Lighting Review

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Light bulbs – not something you’d have associated with being wireless around 10 years ago. However, technology is always changing and advancing – and that’s no different for light bulbs. Wireless lighting certainly isn’t new, with a whole range of different companies having brought out their own wireless lighting products in the last few years. Philips are one of those companies, and have their own range of wireless products – branded “Hue”. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Why do I need wireless light bulbs?

Well, obviously, the need for wireless lighting depends entirely upon you as a person and your taste. On their website, Philips state Philips Hue is “Your personal ambience for every occasion”. And that’s very accurate. Hue goes way beyond what traditional lighting can do, it provides traditional lighting with the ability to instantly change the entire lighting mood of a room.

As well as providing the ability to change the mood, Philips state that Hue will also keep your home much safer thanks to the ability to wirelessly control your lighting. This includes being able to set your lights turn on periodically when you’re out to give the impression that people are at home. You can check out more about the features of Philips Hue on the next page.

What do I need to get started?

That’s entirely up to you, and depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for wireless light bulbs to switch with your traditional bulbs then we’d recommend checking out the starter packs that Philips have on offer.

As well as bulbs, Philips also offer table lamps, suspension lights and ceiling lights as well as a range of various Hue products. You can check out what Philips have on offer here.

The pack Philips sent across to us was the standard Hue starter pack. This includes three B22 9W LED bulbs, and also a bridge controller. The Bridge controller connects to your existing wireless router and enables you to control your lighting via the Philips Hue smartphone application.

There are other versions available depending on the type of bulbs you typically use as well, including an E27 9W and GU10 6.5W starter pack.

The three-bulb starter retails for around £149.99, but a smaller two-bulb kit is available for £59.99 as well (only available as a white light, and not both coloured and white like the three-bulb kits).



Before I had the Philips Hue lighting kit sent over for review, I was sceptical. Is this just a gimmicky product, or is it something that I’d actually get decent use out of? The conclusion I came to was that it’s a bit of both. It definitely is gimmicky, and to kit your entire house out with Hue lighting would cost a small fortune, but the product as a whole works extremely well.

The lights are simple to set up, house ultra-bright LEDs and have a whole range of different options to adjust to your specific needs. Got a date? Or are you having a party? A simple few swipes on the Hue app and you’ve got yourself some mood-specific lighting.

If you’re in to cool tech, and don’t mind paying around £150 to kit out a few rooms in your house then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Philips Hue range.


  • Easy to set up
  • Bulbs work as normal bulbs when not connected to the bridge
  • Range of settings / customisations
  • Third-party app support


  • Expensive
9 Stars

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