Plextor Portable 500GB Hard Disk Drive

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I will be using HD Tach on Windows 7 (in Windows XP compatibility mode) during testing. The whole test is automated and only takes around 1 minute to complete.

Read Speed (MB/s)






Unfortunately, without any other drives for comparison, the results are not overly easily to gauge. That said, from past experience the read speeds appear to be consistent with what we’d expect.

Note also, the jump in performance between USB and eSATA with the latter offering nearly double the read speed. Many external drives do not include this faster technology and so it’s good to see Plextor supporting eSATA.


The Plextor PX-PH500US has certainly impressed. The sleek brushed aluminium finish looks great and the unit can easily slip into a pocket making it incredibly easy to use on the move. The inclusion of eSATA, and the superior performance it brings, is a definite bonus despite requiring additional power (USB is hot pluggable).

If you’re after a compact, smart external HD with great connectivity then look no further than the Plextor Portable Hard Disk Drive.

The PX-PH500US is currently retailing at around the £60 mark; a price that seems reasonable considering the 500GB hard drive space.

5 Star Award

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