PocketBoom Portable Vibration Speaker Review

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This is quite an interesting product that we have for review here today, courtesy of MobileFun.co.uk. The PocketBoom Portable Vibration Speaker can turn virtually anything into a speaker just by placing the vibration pod onto the surface of your chosen object.

The PocketBoom arrives in a plastic casing, which proudly shows off the PocketBoom. The bottom of the box features the product name and an image showing that the PocketBoom comes in five colours; Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple and Black.

The back of the box shows the instructions and what surfaces you could use the PocketBoom on. Also, it states that the PocketBoom is compatible with computers, iPods, MP3 players and mobile phones and any other device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.









The PocketBoom itself is rounded on both ends and kind of looks like a microphone. It’s fairly small as well meaning it will fit in pockets or in the corner of your bag. Our review unit was the black version, but it’s available in a four other colours, as mentioned above.

The headphone jack features its own gap in the casing so that it fits snug with the overall design. Also seen here is the power LED, on/off switch, DC in jack and the battery compartment.

It’s a shame that the 3.5mm jack isn’t gold plated; this is becoming a common occurrence among various phone and computer accessories. Gold plated connectors allow for a better connection between the two devices.









The main feature of the PocketBoom, the vibration pod, is situated on the end of the PocketBoom and is attached by the cable, as seen below.

The vibration pod has a sticky pad on it to allow you to attach the pod to virtually any surface. Two replacement pads are also included and can probably be bought from most shops once you’ve used them.

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