PocketBoom Portable Vibration Speaker Review

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I had quite a bit of fun testing the PocketBoom on various items around the house, some of these included a three-quarters full jar of honey, a cup, a box, a table… and a family member (which actually worked very well!)

To get the PocketBoom to work, all you need to do is plug the jack into your chosen device, for me it was my iPhone 4. Once you’ve done this, just turn the PocketBoom on and attach the vibration pod to an object or surface.

After pressing play on your device, you’ll be amazed at how well the PocketBoom works! Take a look at the video below to see how well it works on a box.


As you saw above, the PocketBoom works incredibly well at turning everyday objects into fairly high quality speakers!

Obviously, some objects won’t work because they’re not designed to carry the vibrations of devices such as this. A few things that the PocketBoom won’t work well on are: China (plates etc… not the country!), ceramic pots, concrete.

However, the vast list of items that the PocketBoom did work very well on is incredible.

As the back of the box stated, it works on cups, boxes and umbrellas. We also found that it works on any wooden table / desk / stand, cups, plastic boxes, laptops, monitors / TVs, small jars of honey, credit cards and even humans!

On each object it sounded slightly different, however, we found that placing the vibration pod on a body of a laptop worked best providing clear vocals, good bass and a overall, a very high quality sound.


I did have my doubts about this product when I first saw it, however after using it, I’m actually amazed at how well it performs and how good the sound quality is on most surfaces and objects.

Costing only £15 over at MobileFun.co.uk, this is definitely a great alternative to portable speakers if you don’t want to spend too much money.

One thing I’d suggest is that the cable needs to be longer just to provide a bit more flexibility when attaching to certain objects.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for some portable speakers, why not purchase the very affordable PocketBoom Portable Vibration Speaker and make your own!


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