Pure Chronos iDock Series II Review

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The Pure Chronos iDock Series II, which is the second iteration of the already very well made Chronos iDock, is a DAB/FM Stereo Clock Radio with Dock for iPod and iPhone. Coupled with an RRP of around £80, the Chronos iDock Series II should give us with some very impressive results. Let’s take a closer look…

The dock arrives in a relatively plain, but sturdy, white cardboard box that features an image of the dock in the centre as well as the name and some compatibility information.

For £80 you’re going to be receiving the iDock Series II itself as well as a remote control, wall adapter and a selection of five different dock adapters for different iPod and iPhone models.

You also receive the usual paper work, manuals and warranty information.









The Pure Chronos iDock Series II features a rounded triangular design, which looks and suits the dock very well.

The two speakers are situated either side of the centre console.

Within the centre console we have an LCD display which shows information about the current track, radio station, volume and much more.

Below the LCD are the on/off, volume, presets, stations, alarm, menu, sleep and source buttons. A dial is also located in the centre to allow scrolling left or right through the various menus. By pressing the dial in, this will act as an “ok” or “accept” button.

Below the main console area there is a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a 3.5mm AUX IN jack.

If we take a look at the top, this is where you’ll be docking your device using one of the dock adapters provided.

The port you can see just above the dock is actually a PURE PowerPort for USB accessories, a very useful feature if you perhaps needed to plug in a USB powered light and had no more room on your computer.

The bottom of the iDock is where you can find all of the necessary ports for plugging in the Chronos iDock. You’ll also find the various copyright information, as well as three rubber feet to prevent slipping, here.

Now, on to the testing…

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