Review of the Canon EOS 1300D

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Professional photographer? Just getting your feet wet? Learning how to use a camera, or never held a camera before? With the Canon EOS 1300 D you’ll fit right in, regardless of your level of shooting. These are just a few of the perks and design features owners are sure to appreciate with this excellent quality camera.


It is an entry level DSLR shooter camera, featuring a max sensitivity of ISO 6400. It captures 30 fps in full HD mode for video shooting, has a 920k dot LCD touch screen for ease of use, and NFC and wi fi pairing allows you to transfer, stream, process or share photos in a breeze, as you have never been able to do in the past with other cameras or devices you might have owned previous to this model.


Control and button placement are ideal and simple to learn the features and functions on this camera as well. It is a bit narrower and shallower to its predecessor so if you want compact and lightweight, you will find it here as well. A fibre polycarbonate body is fairly stable and won’t easily get damaged with a few drops or dings when on a photo shoot, which is a welcome sign for those who love the outdoors. A finger recess in the main grip also gives you more contour and grip capabilities, in wet or ultra difficult conditions you are shooting in.


Point and shoot; it really is that simple in terms of ease of use. This makes it a main selling point in the DSLR market, for any individual who is new to shooting, or for those who simply do not want to deal with complex design or going through several screens just to get where they want to get. ISO and white balance buttons are dedicated on this device as well. You can adjust EV levels up or down up to 5 points when shooting in sensitive light conditions for more even balance.


It features: night, portrait, food, sensitive, motion, and other shoot modes. So, regardless of what you are taking a photo of, or how you hope it comes out, you are going to get pretty close when choosing from the various shoot mode options. Auto, semi-auto, and manual modes take the guesswork out of shooting or video recording as well. Self timers give you a range of 2 up to 10 second delay, so you can always capture the perfect shot.


The main selling point on this camera is of course the ease of use. The many built in features, video recording in HD, quality of shots, quick shoot modes, and different frame and themes you can choose from, are all great features camera enthusiasts, beginners, novices, or even professionals will love. Although it is a bit pricier than its predecessor, it has new features, an elegant design, great body, and is of course exceptionally ease to use and shoot, no matter what the conditions, and no matter what your skill level may be when using the camera for your next shoot.


As cameras become more advance they are slowly getting more and more expensive. Many retailers have started to offer different payment plans depending on the price of the camera you are purchasing. For example, buy now pay later or pay monthly on cameras. Of course, each retailer is different so before purchasing a camera you should always make sure you are using the retailer which suits you the most.