Rosewill RX81-MP-US External SATA Enclosure

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The first stage of the installation was outlined in the previous page. You’ve of course got to remove the tray from the enclosures shell. This is very simple and just requires the removal of some screws.

Then you need to connect up the hard drive you wish to install to the SATA data and power cables.

Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure

Finally you have to position the mounting holes on the bottom of the hard disk to align with the holes on the base of the enclosure’s tray.

Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure

Then it’s a case of sliding the tray back into the aluminium enclosure. Beware though, when sliding it back in, the two metal parts of the enclosure rub together which results in an ear aching screeching sound. Not cool.

The Rosewill RX81-MP-US entails a blue LED at the front which shows HD activity

Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure