Rosewill RX81-MP-US External SATA Enclosure

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To test external hard drive enclosures we use a piece of software called ‘HD Tach’. This software measures the read speeds between the inner and outer area of the hard drive. The final result taken is an average of all the recordings and shows how effective the connectivity of the particular enclosure is.

We also use HD Tach to find out how much CPU Utilization the particular enclosure in question requires. These results can often differ largely.

We will be carrying out these tests on both the USB and eSATA connections. The external enclosure in review will be compared to:

  • Straight SATA Motherboard Connection
  • Vizo Luxon (USB and eSATA)

The hard drive we will be using for testing is a Hitachi Deskstar 80GB.



Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure


Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure

From the read speeds you can see the Rosewill offering a slightly faster speed than the Vizo on USB connectivity. On the eSATA connection it performs 0.2mb/s worse than the other drives – hardly much. These results are definitely sufficient.

Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure

The CPU Utilization results vary somewhat. The USB connection on the Rosewill requires less CPU Power than its eSATA connection. In fact, the CPU Utilization is less when using the Roswill through USB than it is on a straight SATA connection.

Rosewill RX81-MP-US enclosure