RoyPow J12 Portable Car Jump Starter and Power Bank Review

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Today we’re checking out the portable car jump starter from RoyPow. It features a 12000 mAh battery, ultra-bright LED flashlight, compass, and can also jump start up to a 4.0-litre engine car at least 20 times on a full charge. With just an $80 price tag, let’s see how well it performs.


The RoyPow jump starter can apparently jump start cars, boats, trucks, caravans, motorcycles and more. Unfortunately my yacht is being repaired at the moment, so I’ll be testing this out on my car for the purposes of this review (I don’t really have a yacht, unfortunately).

From a design perspective, it’s an incredibly compact and well-constructed device. A soft rubber material has been used on the outside of the device, which should help with grip. I’m checking out the orange version today, but the charger is also available in green or yellow.


Whereas many car jump starters are literally just that, a jump starter; the RoyPow J12 is all of that and more. Two USB 2.1 ports enable you to charge a whole range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The inclusion of an ultra-bright LED torch and compass is pretty cool as well.

From left to right you’ve got the jump starter lead port, two USB ports and an LED battery indicator, and also a microUSB port for charging the internal 12000mAh battery.


The power button is located on the top of the charger, just above the LED flashlight. Thanks to the compact construction of the device, it’s incredibly easily to hold the charger in your hands as you would a regular flashlight.



And on the opposite side you’ve got the compass.



Jump Starter

According to RoyPow, the 12000mAh battery can jump start 4.0-litre gas/petrol engines and 12V 3.0-litre diesel engines up to 20 times on a full charge. That’s pretty impressive for such a small device, but unfortunately I don’t have 20 different vehicles to test this charger on.

My car has been sat on the drive way over the past miserable rain-filled month, so it’s the ideal candidate for testing out the RoyPow J12 jump starter.

The jump starter has a variety of different features to protect you from damaging any devices or vehicles, including short-circuit protection and spark-proof reverse polarity protection.

The battery in my car is in fact flat, so should essentially just need a quick jump start to give it some life again.

Setting up the charger is incredibly simple. All that’s required of you is to plug the included jump leads in to the device and then hook the jump starter up to your car battery.


Once you’ve done this you’ll just need to start the engine up, or attempt to at least. Considering my car had only just been drained it didn’t take many attempts to bring the car back to life.

Device Charging

The 12000mAh of battery power means that you’ll also be able to charge a large selection of devices including tablets, smartphones and satellite navigation systems. However, anything that’s charged via USB should be able to be charged using the RoyPow J12.

During my time testing the RoyPow J12 I’ve used it to charge many devices including an iPhone 6, iPad Mini, digital camera, sat nav and also some mini bluetooth speakers.

The auto power off feature, which detects when a device has been fully charged, worked incredibly well and also helps in preventing damage to your devices.


From my time with the RoyPow J12 Car Jump Starter I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with this device’s features.

The ability to jump start a car with such a small device is impressive on its own, but the RoyPow J12 combines four different tools in one to create the ultimate car maintenance accessory.

With an extremely low price tag, and compact design, the J12 is definitely a device I’d recommend to all car owners, even if you don’t think you need it.

10 Stars

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