Samsung Galaxy Note Review

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As usual, I opened up Spotify and also watched a few YouTube videos to get a feel for how good the audio quality is.

The Samsung Galaxy Note’s speaker is situated on the rear of the device, so it’s not in the best place to begin with because when it’s placed down on a desk, for example, the speaker is then blocked, which just causes unnecessary drops in quality.

The audio quality overall, however, is very good. There were a few times where the treble was a little too high, but the bass and overall sound was good on all genres of music, as well as films and videos on YouTube.

CPU, Memory and Storage

The Samsung Galaxy Note features an extremely quick ARM cortex A9 1.4GHz dual-core processor, which, when combined with the Note’s 1GB of RAM, turns this slim-line Android device into one hell of a powerhouse.

You can pick up the Galaxy Note in either an 8GB or 16GB model, and with the inclusion of a microSD card slot you can add up to another 32GB of storage.

The 1.4GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM really do provide one of the best Android experiences I’ve ever had. The whole operation is smooth, lag-free and there’s more than enough RAM to keep all of your applications running in the background.

Battery Life

The 2500mAH battery definitely provides enough battery life, even when using the camera to record full 1080p HD video, play a wide range of games and also listen to music.

The specifications state that in stand-by the device will last up to 960 hours, on 2G, and up to 820 hours, on 3G.

Talk time is also very impressive with 2G coming in at 26 hours and 10 minutes and 3G at 13 hours and 30 minutes.

From a fully charged battery to just under 5% remaining, I managed to get around 12 hours of battery life out of the Samsung Galaxy Note. During which time I had been playing games, recording full HD 1080p video, taking photos, browsing the web, checking email and watched a feature-length film.

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