Samsung Galaxy Note Review

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Disappointingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note comes pre-installed with Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread), but according to recent reports the Galaxy Note will be receiving the ICS update fairly soon.

Firstly, the Lock Screen is where we begin our journey. A slightly different look, which includes a pen and paper as the background (which makes sense seen as though it’s called the Galaxy “Note”), to what we’re used to, but with a single hold and drag, we’re now ready to start using the Galaxy Note.

The first thing you notice is the five-icon dock layout, which we don’t really see too often on Android smartphones. As well as this, the high-quality nature of the display means that you’re welcomed by the most vibrant screen ever.

Moving around the various home screens is also very simple, just swipe left or right (as you do with all Android devices). One feature, albeit small, that caught my eye was that when you get to the last screen, you’re automatically taken back to the main home screen if you swipe across again; a simple, but very useful, feature.


With the inclusion of a stylus, there are a few applications that have been installed where you’ll need to use the stylus to get the most out of the app.

One example of this is the Crayon Physics game, where you use the stylus to draw lines and ropes to get the ball across the level and onto the star.

You’ll also find that the S Memo application can be used in conjunction with the stylus as well. It allows you to draw, take notes and also annotate anything you’d like.


As mentioned above, you’ve got one game installed already, but there’s also loads of different games available on the Google Play Store including the popular Angry Birds.

We launched this one to see how it would look on Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED 5.3-inch display; and the results? It looks pretty much the same as it does on any device, however the high-quality nature of the Galaxy Note’s display really makes it stand out and is completely lag-free.

Our of the few games I tested, that was one thing I really noticed in comparison with some other mobile devices I’ve gamed on, there was no lag at all. In fact, there wasn’t really any lag on anything I attempted to on the Note.


With a screen that large, watching films and online video is absolutely stunning. Thanks to the very vibrant colours and deep blacks that are shown, the whole experience was great.

Your mind will be at rest as well, knowing that you won’t be running out of battery whilst in the middle of a film.

We’d recommend getting some decent headphones if you’re going to be taking this on long car journeys though, because the included headset isn’t the best.


Included within the camera application are a wide range of different options and settings, which includes effects, white balance, resolution and ISO.

Internet Browsing

Another feature that looks great on the Samsung Galaxy Note is browsing the web. After using my iPhone to browse the web alongside the Galaxy Note, I was just left unimpressed by the iPhone’s web browsing experience after using the Galaxy Note to check out various websites. The huge display really allows you to view websites with ease and pictures look absolutely stunning whilst browsing around.

All in all, the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread has been customised to work extraordinarily well. There’s no lag whatsoever, and all applications open and run very quickly thanks to the lightning fast CPU and 1GB of RAM.

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