Samsung Galaxy Note Review

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To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best Android devices I’ve ever used. The 8MP camera, high-quality screen and ultra-fast CPU, to name a few, are absolutely amazing.

I, personally, like the design of the Galaxy Note, however I can see why some would not because the overall design hasn’t really changed between the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Note. Also, if the Note was any larger, I’d have to mark it down due to the fact that it wouldn’t be able to fit in your pocket; it just about fits so I’ll be letting it off this time.

To begin with I thought the stylus was a little old-fashioned, however after using the Samsung Galaxy Note for a few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at how natural and easy it became to just start using the stylus. It was particularly handy when trying to press small buttons whilst browsing the web.

The handwriting recognition side of things, with the stylus, could be improved, however it handled itself very well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a device that has the best of the tablet world and the best of the smartphone world, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Samsung Galaxy Note. With the ability to pick it up online for around £500, it’s in direct competition with both the iPhone 4S and the iPad.


  • Amazing display
  • Stylus works great
  • Camera is the best I’ve used on a mobile device
  • Ultra-fast


  • Handwriting recognition needs improvements
  • Design is a bit same-ish


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