Samsung MB-MS8GA 8GB microSDHC Card Review

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Better cameras and recording equipment obviously require more space to store your files. The Samsung MB-MS8GA 8GB microSDHC card is the perfect option. It’s Full HD compliant, capable of storing 2000 photos, 2 hours of HD video and 2000 songs. Samsung also claim that the MB-MS8GA is near-indestructible so we’ll be putting this to the test later on as well.

The MB-MS8GA retails at around £8, so it’s an absolute bargain for those who love a bargain and those who are prone to damaging things easily.
The microSDHC card arrives in a fairly simplistic, white and blue cardboard sleeve with the card and its adapter on display in the centre.

A range of information and specs are visible around the edges; the amount of media you’re able to store as well as the read and write speeds.

The rear of the package shows us the specifications in 18 languages and also the available storage capacities for the Samsung microSDHC card, which are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.









The prices for this microSDHC card start from £5 for the 2GB version and up to £40 for the 32GB version.

The card, being a microSDHC card, is obviously very small and fragile so you’ll have to be careful when handling it if you aren’t using the provided microSD to SD card adapter.

To turn the microSDHC card into an SD compatible card, you just need to insert the card into the bottom of the adapter.









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