Samsung MB-MS8GA 8GB microSDHC Card Review

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With Samsung stating that the MB-MS8GA is near indestructible, we’ve recorded a couple of tests for you. The first is the water proof tests and the second is the shock proof test.

According to Samsung, the card can also withstand accidental drops and sudden impact. We decided to go for sudden impact, which involved a car. You’ll see why we didn’t get onto the magnet proof tests after watching the video…


The MB-MS8GA is an 8GB Class 6 card, which comes with an SD adapter. This allows it to fit in most all-in-one card readers.

Luckily, we used our brains and tested the cards performance before destroying it, so we did actually manage to get some results from it.

Samsung state that the read and write speeds are 24MB and 13MB, respectively.

We transferred a 1GB file using the microSD card, which only took around 50 seconds. Compared with other microSD cards, this isn’t a bad time at all.


All in all, Samsungs claims that the MB-MS8GA  is near indestructible could be argued. From our testing, the water resistance was really good and no damage was inflicted at all.

However, the shock proof tests didn’t go according to plan really. Samsung do state on their website that the card can withstand accidental drops and sudden impact, but we didn’t manage to confirm these results with the card being destroyed in our first attempt.

To be fair though, the likely hood that you’ll be “accidently” placing the card behind the wheel of a car is unlikely.

Retailing at around £8 to £11, the Samsung MB-MS8GA is an absolute bargain with it being a few pounds cheaper than other brands, and is great for those who are perhaps very adventurous and need a reliable and tough microSD card to use in their camera.


  • Great water resistance
  • Cheap
  • Shock proof (to a point, card should not be driven over…)
  • Relatively quick transfer speeds


  • Card was destroyed after driving over it with a car that weighed significantly less than Samsung stated it could withstand.


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