Samsung MV800 Digital Camera Review

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Trying to find the right camera is always a difficult task. Do you go with more megapixels? Features? Or how compact it is? Well, the Samsung MV800 could be the camera you’re looking for. Featuring a 16.1MP image sensor, 3-inch touch screen display, a whole range of image modes, as well as a very sleek and stylish design, the Samsung MV800 should perform to a very high standard. Let’s take a closer look…

The Samsung MV800 retails for £249.99 from most online retailers, including Amazon, Tesco, Comet and John Lewis.

After opening the box, we’re presented with the camera, USB data cable, battery, quick start guide, warranty information, and the camera wrist strap.









We’ve managed to get the red version of the MV800 to review today and I must say, the design, as a whole, is very nice. Both the compact and very slim nature of the Samsung MV800 is very appealing.

Moving around the camera we can see a range of different ports and buttons.

The front of the Samsung MV800 features the lens, Schneider KREUZNACH 4.7 – 23.5mm lens, flash, and Samsung logo.

The bottom of the MV800 features the battery compartment and the camera-mounting hole. On the right, the hole for the wrist strap, a compartment for the USB and HDMI ports, and also the speaker.









The top of the MV800 is where the microphone (below “power” label), power button and shutter/zoom button is located. The left side of the camera just features the model (MV800) and how many megapixels the MV800 has.

If we move around to the 3-inch TFT LCD display, you’ll immediately notice the lack of buttons, which is something we were quite disappointed about seen as though there is still quite a bit of room available. However, as the MV800’s display is a touch screen, almost every button you need is implemented into the software.

The two buttons, on the right of the display, are the “Home” button, which obviously brings you back to the main screen, and also the “Play” button, which takes you to the gallery where all of your videos and images are stored.









One really great feature of the Samsung MV800 is the fact that the screen is mounted on a bracket; this enables the user to take self-portrait shots, as well as have a better viewing angle for awkward shots. It can even be used as a stand so that the camera is taking pictures in a more upward-facing position.









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