Samsung NX200 Review

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Samsung’s latest entry in to the camera market is the very retro-styled Samsung NX200. Featuring a very sleek and attractive slimline design, as well as some fantastic features, the Samsung NX200 could prove to be one hell of a camera. However, with a retail price of over £500, do the features out-weigh the rather high price tag. Let’s take a closer look and find out…

The Samsung NX200 is a compact system camera (CSC), and has a fair few features to boast about including a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, Full HD movie mode (1080p), an advanced auto focus (AF) system (100ms speed) as well as a whole lot more.

The overall design, you could say, is very retro compared with other compact cameras from both Samsung and its competitors, but that’s not a bad thing at all, we love it!

The body is completely black in colour and is relatively light-weight. The build quality is second to none.

If we take a quick look at the front of the NX200, you’ll see “NX200” in the top right, as well as “Samsung” written on the grip on the right.

You’ll also have noticed the Samsung NX lens-mounting system, which you are able to use a total of 9 different lenses with.

Turning the NX200 around, we are introduced to the 3-inch AMOLED display, which when turned on proves to be of an extremely high quality. Unfortunately, the Samsung NX200 does not have the option to add on an electronic viewfinder (EVF) at a later date, something which could put-off a potential buyer.

There isn’t a great deal of buttons, just relatively standard ones such as Menu, Fn, Display, ISO, AF as well as the Photo Library button and the delete button. A rear grip is also located at the top right here, usually for placing your thumb.

Moving round to the right you’ll find a compartment, containing both a microUSB port and a HDMI port for hooking the NX200 up to a computer and also a HD TV.









The top of the camera is home to the on/off/camera button and also the mode dial where you can change between various modes including aperture, shutter, metering, focus type and smart.

Next to the dial there is a scroll wheel for zooming in on pictures in the library.

Both the left and right microphones are located on the left surrounding the flash, which can be mounted or removed very easily by just sliding it in or out. You can also attach a variety of other accessories including a GPS device.

The underside of the NX200 is home to the battery and memory card compartment, which like most other cameras uses a locking mechanism to allow you access.









Now, on to the lens. We had the 20-50mm lens with our review unit, and all in all it was a great addition to the NX200.

On lens itself, you have control over the zoom by turning the first section of the lens either left or right. The lenses for the Samsung NX200 also feature the iFn button, which, when pressed, allow you to make various adjustments such as aperture, shutter speed and creative filters, directly from the lens. Not necessarily a feature that’s likely to convince you to purchase the NX200, but a good feature to have nonetheless.

If we go ahead and attach the flash to the mount, the whole camera now looks complete and we can begin our testing of both the image and 1080p Full HD video quality.









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