Samsung Solid Immerse Review

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The Samsung Solid Immerse is a sturdy and rugged mobile phone for those with a more adventurous side and who prefer to spend time outdoors. And no, I don’t mean leaving the computer to go to McDonalds….

The Solid Immerse has been built to withstand drops, submersion in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes and dusty environments. With the Solid Immerse being waterproof, thanks to a unique design, as well as sturdy and rugged, this should prove to be a great little phone for those not looking for anything too expensive or flashy.

The Samsung Solid Immerse retails at around £100 SIM-free so it’s hardly going to break the bank.


The Solid Immerse features a 2-inch anti-scratch screen, which will prevent damage such as knocks, drops and general wear and tear on the screen. The whole phone is completely watertight as well.

Even though the phone is watertight, Samsung suggest, in the user manual, that you don’t intentionally drop the handset in water.

Around the edges, you’ll find most of the buttons and ports you’d expect to see on a phone. We’ve got the volume buttons, LED torch and sturdy lanyard holder to allow wearing the phone around your neck; as well as an on/off button for the torch, 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB charging port.










The camera is unfortunately where you’ll be let down slightly by the Samsung Solid Immerse. With only a 2-megapixel camera, the photos are certainly lacking in quality, however you are presented with a variety of features in the camera application.

You’re also able to record video on the Samsung Solid Immerse. Now, these aren’t going to be very high quality, but the Solid Immerse is capable of recording QQVGA 15 frame / per second video clips.


Whilst this isn’t a mobile phone that you’d be listening to music on very much, the audio quality seemed relatively good for such a phone. However, with no ability to download applications due to the basic OS, you’ll be stuck with the built in MP3 player.

Memory and Storage

The Solid Immerse houses an impressive 15MB of user memory with the ability to store 1300 SMS messages and a number of contacts.

If that 15MB doesn’t quite cut it for you, you have the option to use a MicroSD card (up to 16GB) as well.

Battery Life

The Samsung Solid Immerse houses a 1300mAh standard battery and the battery life, on paper, seems to be pretty good with up to 610 hours of standby time (2G). However, I noticed that our review unit only managed to last a few days with moderate usage, which included making calls, taking photos, recording video and browsing the web.

But, to be fair, the 610 hours is only in standby time so if we left it for around 600 hours there would probably be at least some of the battery power left.

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