Samsung Solid Immerse Review

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Onto the software. Now, you’re probably not going to be blown away by the Samsung Solid Immerse operating system, because it seems to be identical to basic mobile phone software we saw pre-2006, apart from some Facebook and Twitter integration.

You receive all of the basic features such as a calendar, clock, alarm, calculator, stop watch, mp3 ringtones, 7 JAVA games, wallpaper support and even an FM Radio, which is as advanced as the operating system gets really.









In the connectivity settings you’ll probably be quite disappointed because there is, unfortunately, no Wi-Fi. The fastest internet connection you’ll be getting out of the Solid Immerse is 3G. It does, however, come with Bluetooth, USB mass storage support and WAP support.

Overall, you won’t be overly impressed with the Solid Immerse operating system if you’re used to Android or iOS, and will probably feel like you’ve gone back in time about 5 years.

On the plus side, everything worked with ease and the OS was easy to navigate.

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