Samsung Solid Immerse Review

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All in all, the Samsung Solid Immerse is more suited to adventurers and people who tend to participate in activities such as rock climbing and walking.

If you’re looking for a phone you that can withstand knocks and falls without being damaged then the Samsung Solid Immerse would be a good choice. However, there are other strong and rugged mobile phones out there for adventurers for a similar price.

The battery life was good, but if you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no way of charging your phone, a couple of days charge after use is not ideal.

Again, the operating system worked well, but with hardly any advanced features everything seemed very basic. As a smartphone user since the first Apple iPhone, this operating system proved to be very unappealing and boring. I feel that the inclusion of some advanced features like that of a smartphone OS would have made the Solid Immerse more appealing.


  • Sturdy / rugged design
  • LED flashlight useful in various situations
  • Some useful features and apps on the OS, but needs a lot of work


  • OS is very basic
  • Battery life could be better
  • Both photo and video quality need a lot of improvement
  • No Wi-Fi


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